“One way to look at meditation is as a kind of intrapsychic technology that’s been developed over thousands of years by traditions that know a lot about the mind/body connection” – Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Meditation is used as a means of focusing one’s energy. It is often used as a way to raise awareness of what is going on internally (mindful assessment/observation) as well as to alter the neurological system to achieve pleasant states of being (intervention). A meditative state can be a place of respite, a safe space to just be and experience. When we have learned the art of meditation and connecting inwards, we will naturally transfer these tools, wisdoms, and skills over to our everyday life.

Clients have reported feeling more calm and relaxed, having more energy, having a better perspective, feeling and seeing lighter, being more observant, having the ability to simplify, knowing better ways of dealing with challenges, more resilience, feeling enjoyment, feeling passion for life, feeling connected to something grander, etc.

There are many forms of meditation. There are guided meditations which are useful for individuals just starting out and there are experiential meditations where you allow your thoughts, visuals, and feelings to unfold naturally in the flow of connected energy. Meditation is often credited for bringing insights and clarity to the therapeutic work that clients undergo.

I will meditate with you one and one and will work with you collaboratively in order to create the particular meditation that matches your level of experience and connectivity with healing energy.