Express Yourself Through Expressive Arts Therapy

Unfortunately, many people believe that expressive arts therapy is solely meant to help children, people diagnosed with learning disabilities and others with physical or mental challenges. However, expressive arts therapy is for EVERYONE. Many of us live in communities where it is not the norm to help or teach individuals to express themselves. In fact, it can be quite challenging and threatening for people to express their thoughts and feelings in public or domestic domains. However, we ALL NEED to express our emotions and thoughts in a healthy and safe way. This need is just as important as being able to digest and excrete our food.

Expressive Arts Therapy is an amazing way to help you get at thoughts and feelings that you were previously unable to express. Ways of expressing may be through: writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, music, sound, movement, comedy, acting and technology. A client focused therapist works with you collaboratively to figure out your own unique way of expressing your self. It is a safe way to help release negative emotions, thoughts and feelings and a useful tool in helping to internalize positive emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Expressive Arts Therapy is a process of discovering and nurturing ourselves as well as building our strengths and confidence. It is not about anything formal or creating a “pretty” picture or a “perfect” piece of poetry. It is meant to be easy, free flowing and unique to you. It can be about simple shapes or words on a paper or a simple sound on a drum. It is about expressing inner thoughts and feelings by creating outer, physical forms. Once those thoughts and feelings have been expressed in physical form, it takes it out from your insides allowing it to be “aired out” which leaves your insides feeling more space and clarity, and perhaps, insight.

Anybody can do expressive arts, child, teen or adult. Feel free to contact Laura to discuss more about Expressive Arts Therapy EnerTherapy's Contact Or feel free to post your expressive art work! EnerTherapy on Facebook

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