My Peace Project, Part I

On November 4, 2015, I decided to devote my entire self to making a movement to be at peace within myself. I know to some readers, and perhaps to a small piece of myself, this sounds so cliché and perhaps a little corny (to one client I work with, a little "hippy-ish"), but here it is. It is truth. I am truly ready for peaceful living. I have found much peace and sanctuary in many areas of my life, but it occurred to me on this day that I was still waring it out on my insides, as so many of us do. It was about a few people from my past that I was trying to get out of my mind. I was no longer seeing these people in my physical life. However, I continued to maintain an energetic interaction through my conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings. I realized deep down that my ability to help these people had run out and that I was on the verge of letting them go completely. And this reality hurt. It hurt a lot because I still had deep feelings of care for these people. In knowing how much I truly and deeply loved them, I felt that I just could not let them go, despite them being a negative influence on me and my life. So I was finding every way under the sun to force my heart to separate energetically from these people. Unfortunately, what it was actually doing was causing me so much pain and sorrow, anger and frustration, numbness and hate, spite and venom, all the while still trying to be positive and loving as we all “should be”.

I realized today that my only option left was to submit. To submit to the ebb and flow of life in a peaceful and productive way. I realized that just because a relationship was not healthy any longer and was not working, it did not mean that I had to say goodbye to all the love, care and respect that that person brought. It meant that I was saying goodbye to the unhealthy stuff: the giving of myself too much, the taking advantage and taking for granted, the animosity, the overdependency. I knew I would no longer be attached to these people as I was previously, but that I would always be able to hold the truth of their purity in my heart. And that I did. I lied down on my floor before work, I breathed the air of forgiveness and peace in and out of my system, I soothed the tension away in my body, and I told myself that I loved myself and that it would be ok….

And then came the big question that I have had so much difficulty answering. Some of the people that I love are not on the same peaceful path that I am on. And even if they are on a peaceful path, they are still human and human beings make mistakes. And quite often, painful mistakes. As a child, I was very innocent and very peaceful (many say, to a fault) and time and time again, I was hurt in minor and excruciating ways. And from people that I deeply loved and cared for. So if I am now to go back to my innocent, peaceful ways, how do I protect myself from getting hurt?

And here is the beginning of yet another journey in my life, and hopefully, in yours. My peaceful journey. Let me tell you, I know that I am not going to be Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Jesus, or Ghandi. This is a process… a journey. But here marks my devotion to it. Why am I doing it? I don’t care to be a "martyr". I don’t care to do the “right” thing. But because it feels so damn GREAT when I am in alignment with all my pieces and parts, which means being in alignment with peace. It truly feels wonderful!!! I digest my food better, I am happy, I see clearly, I see things as beautiful and hopeful, my body feels light, loose and free… Essentially I feel free flowing, healthy and glowing. Not much more to ask for from life and my self then this.

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