Unconditional Faith

My 3-Year-Old daughter is the most energetic, busy, into everything little girl that I know. She is running on speed from the moment she wakes, until the moment she sleeps. I get angry at her when she pulls tactics to keep her father or I attending to her when we need to rest. In my anger, I believe that she's negatively manipulating and deceitful. That anger combined with that belief, makes for the perfect formula for a negative reaction from myself. Today I thought, why on earth would I get angry at her for wanting to be around me all the time? For wanting to play with me all the time? For wanting to share in life with me all the time? She means well. She means better then well. All she means is to love me and me love her. And currently, her expression of love is constant play and attention. This does not mean that I have to play with her all the time, we all know that this is not possible. What I'm talking about is a mindset change. Becoming a teacher, rather than an anger monger. When I really feel that her intentions are harmless, I'm no longer angry and I can do what I need to do to inform her about balance.

Unconditional faith. We need it so much more in each other, especially so much more in our families. It not only diminishes the anger, but more importantly, it diminishes the belief that the other person is out to harm us.