ME Rehabilitation

ME Rehabilitation came about from my close observation of the work chiropractors and physiotherapists do with their patients. Watching the strength training and techniques implemented, Laura realized that this is what she and many psychotherapists and counsellors attempt to achieve in the work with their client's Mind and Emotions.

Due to harsh life experiences and/or lacks of guidance, nurturance, and healthy knowledge and skill in certain "ME" areas, many of us have established detrimental and potentially destructive "ME" patterns.

Through a variety of approaches such as CFT, CBT, EFT, creative/sports visualization, meditation & mindfulness, etc., Laura will assist you in learning healthy and powerful "ME" patterns.

When one successfully learns and implements a healthy "ME" pattern, such as a confident, peaceful or joyful pattern, this pattern will filter outwards to positively influence your relationship with your self as well as with others, essentially helping to create relationship rehabilitation.

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