"We begin to realize we are energy itself with all of its inherent possibilities."

~ Ted Andrews

"In order to change conditions outside ourselves, whether they concern the environment or relations with others, we must first change ourselves. Inner peace is the key."

~ Mark Epstein

"Energy therapies and techniques can help with disease prevention and general wellness."

~ Ann Marie Chiasson

"Glaciers remind us of the complete majesty of mother nature. Let glaciers remind you of the majesty within you."

~ Laura Kemp-Romas

"Energy psychology adds a means for sending electromagnetic signals that directly shift the neurological sequences involved in maladaptive thoughts and attitudes, often deactivating them with surprising speed and precision. "

~ David Feinstein

"Our potential is infinite - every man, woman, father, son, mother, daughter, is infinite - every person is infinite. Our potential is only ever limited in the way that we say it is - the way we allow it to be."

~ Penache Desai







Over 12 Years in Private Practice and 20 Years in Mental Health

Serving Teens, Adults & Families In Mind-Body-Soul Psychotherapy & Counselling

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