Couples Therapy

If you are looking to resolve distress within your partnership, to nurture and foster the growth and strength of your relationship, to explore tools to overcome parenting challenges, to transition from a separation, or to work on blended family issues, couplesí therapy may benefit you.

In couplesí therapy, we will explore ways of enhancing your positive connectivity to, and communication with, one another. We will also collaboratively work through negative feelings, thoughts or beliefs that exist in the connection. In situations where there are healthy boundaries and safety measures in place, I may suggest that clients meet with her on an individual basis in ME Rehabilitation as it is often the interplay of individual hurts and beliefs that get in the way of a healthy, productive relationship.

Visit Techniques & Approaches for a list of approaches that I may use, with your consent, during therapy.

50 min session: $160

Extended Health Insurance coverage available